1. Price policies

  1. Prices are per room, per night
  2. Prices are subject to the actual VAT and 10% government service fee.
  3. The hotel has the right to assign the accommodation freely according to availability.
  4. Additional person in the room will be charged $ 27 US plus taxes per night, includes breakfast (children and adults)
  5. Market conditions and/or governmental policies might affect our rates and policies. however these will be informed to you as soon as possible.

2. Children policies

  1. The Hotel allows a max. of 2 children up to 6 years old sharing room with their parents, it includes breakfast. Meals not specified in your reservation are not included.
  2. Additional children in the room will have a surcharge of $27 USD plus taxes and includes breakfast.
  3. Baby crib service available with a surcharge of $17 USD +22% tax.

3. Bookings

  1. Please send your booking by email to:

4. Cancellation


The penalty for cancelling your booking is one accommodation night. Changes of dates are also considered cancellations.


Reservations for groups with 5 rooms booked can be canceled free of charge up to 30 days before arrival, under this time one night of penalty plus taxes will apply.


No shows for individuals or groups will have a penalty of the entire reservation.

5. Guarantee

All bookings have to include a valid Credit card or a bank transference confirmation as a guarantee